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Membrane Press

Membrane pressing, or vacuum forming literally opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. Your engineers and designers now have the opportunity to develop products and components with vinyl laminated on such areas as inside edges, rounded and shaped corners, and multiple surfaces.

The process is really quite simple. The pre- machined MDF components are sprayed with a heat activated glue and placed on a tray. Vinyl is placed over the parts and the tray is placed in the press. The vinyl is then heated to enhance its pliability. When the vacuum is introduced, the bladder is sucked down tight around the vinyl covered parts. The end result is a remarkably uniform adhesion of vinyl to the precut MDF shape.

Groovfold was one of the first in our industry to develop a proven forming process for flexible vinyls. Add that to our record for ensuring quality production runs through effective use of SPC techniques, and we believe our equipment and processes stand out among the best in the industry.