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CNC Routing

Our machining capabilities really open up your design boundaries. We use the latest technology, such as AutoCad and Cimtech to transform your ideas into reality. Using CNC groovers and routers, along with our engineering procedures and SPC production techniques, we can hold your design ideas to extremely tight tolerances. It gives you the "look" you're after and with the quality you demand.

Cross grooving can be accomplished with a single pass or multiple pass cutter. Our equipment and production processes maintain the cutters at the proper angle and depth for precise mitering to avoid "corner gap" or stretching of the "vinyl hinge". Five cross grooves are cut to make a four sided box, or any number of cuts can be programmed in to produce just about any shape you can imagine.

Using one of our many 3-axis CNC routers, your detail options are virtually limitless . Parts with profiled edges, holes of any shape and size, and much more can programmed into the computer, and parts can be fabricated to extremely accurate tolerances. Again, our equipment and people are backed by SPC techniques which help monitor each step of the process to ensure quality finished parts. We can help bring your ideas into reality.