Miter Folding

Using the miter fold process, Groovfold can add a clean, quality front and back "mold" design to tables, bookshelves, frames, cabinets, and more. We give you the opportunity to design and develop a wide variety of square, beveled, or rounded edges- the options are limited only by your imagination. 

The linear grooving process uses a series of V-groove cutters which cut through the backside of particle board, MDF, or other material that has been laminated on the front side with vinyl. The cutters go through the substrate but not through the vinyl. As a result, the board can be glued and folded into the desired final shape.

The flexible vinyl acts as a hinge for the joint. The sides of the "V's" come together, setting the angle of the fold and positively locating the two surfaces. The continuous laminate stops the glue from leaking and gives a continuity to the surface of the fold. All our cutter sets are engineered and manufactured to ensure proper folding without "play" between the matching faces of the folds.

As with all our processes, SPC plays a very important part in every product or component produced. Working with your design and our knowledge of both miter folding and SPC techniques, we can virtually guarantee consistent, high-quality products. Groovfold is a true pioneer in the miter folding industry. We are proud of our track record, and we're committed to being the industry's quality miter folder.