About Groovfold Inc.

As one of the pioneers of the miter fold process, Richard Cornell founded Groovfold Inc. in Newcomerstown, Ohio in 1963. The company quickly developed a local reputation for fabricating quality ceiling beams and components for television sets and furniture, all based on linear miter-folding and cross grooving.

Over the years, as the company grew, it expanded its operation to include vinyl lamination, wrapping, CNC routing, and additional machining capabilities. In 1990 Groovfold expanded again, adding both space and a fully equipped assembly area giving it the ability to meet customers' needs from concept to finished product. 

Now Groovfold has the capability to vacuum form or membrane press vinyl onto Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), affording customers even greater creative design opportunities. Today Groovfold's total capabilities as fabricators of vinyl laminated particle board and MDF products and components are second to none. Groovfold enjoys a national reputation for delivering a wide range of quality products to manufactures of clocks, toys, plaques, stereo speaker cabinets, speaker stands, picture frames, office furniture, drawer fronts, display units, store fixtures, and many more!

Recently Groovfold inc has added a line of all wood lockers to its collection of products and abilities. These lockers are a fantastic addition to an already wide range of products being manufactured.