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We at Groovfold are committed to supplying our customers with enthusiastic service, quality parts, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, Using SPC techniques, we are continually striving for improvement of quality, processes, and productivity. Our continuing goal is to maintain our reputation as the quality fabricator of vinyl laminated particle board and MDF products and components. All of our products are made in the USA of the highest quality materials, and at the most competitive price, you will find.  We have a full line of stock hardwood veneer brochure racks, closets, wood lockers, and accessories, and we can even custom create products to your specifications. 

Our Products

Charcoal Oak

Hanging Closet

Wood Club Lockers

MPL Pillow Edge

Rosewood Maple

Brochure Rack

Groovfold Capabilities - Quality Wood Product Fabrication

Groovfold's total capabilities as fabricators of vinyl laminated particle board and MDF products and components are second to none. Groovfold enjoys a national reputation for delivering a wide range of quality products to manufactures of clocks, toys, plaques, stereo speaker cabinets, speaker stands, picture frames, office furniture, drawer fronts, display units, store fixtures, and many more!

Membrane Press

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CNC Routing

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